Irresistible Community Builders, LLC presents

<h3>Tiny House Eco Huts at Arizmendi Ecovillage: Be Cool & Stay Cool</h3>

By Tom Braford

As the tiny house phenomenon sweeps the country, one of our partners suggested that our design team take a serious look at including some tiny houses at Arizmendi and at all future Irresistible Ecovillage Solutions communities.

As it happened, we were in Hawaii at the time and had just spoken to a group of millennial nomads who had drifted to Maui in search of a place to put down roots and build their shipping container tiny house ecovillage. Later that day we sat under a giant banyan tree that covered a whole city block in the central park; it was breezy and a good 10 to 15 degrees cooler under this canopy than at the periphery.

I realized that this is what it will be like on hot summer days in the courtyard and on rooftops in St Louis under our solar canopy and hanging gardens, and I started to envision Eco Huts with private wraparound porches, some on the rooftops and others up in the hanging gardens.

So now, our already fantastic design is even more fantastical with Tiny House Eco Huts everywhere – one at ground level, six on the rooftops and three up in the hanging gardens.

We are also adding them to the design for the other two urban Irresistible Ecovillage Solutions communities, as well as the two rural sites, currently in the pipeline. We will even add a straw bale tiny house at one of the rural sites. Within a year we will be able to build them for you on your own site or ship you a do-it-yourself kit if you prefer.

For now, the first phase at Culver Way Cohousing will just include a tiny house guest house next to the Eco-Innovation Center and one for-sale Tiny House Eco Hut on the roof, so you could be the first tiny house ecovillage inhabitant in St Louis.

You can learn more at the Webster University Sustainability Conference on Saturday, October 8.

Please visit http://www.webster.edu/sustainability/conference for more information and to register.

Contact: Tom & Carol Braford,