Do You Meet Your Daily Nutritional Needs With The Food You Eat?

By Donna Langenbacher

You can now tailor your shakes to your needs.

Introducing, the first fully customizable nutritional shake system for complete dietary support.

Be Young’s Y+O+U Personalized Nutrition lets YOU manage your everyday nutrition needs. Choose the flavor you want, the nutrients you want, the price point you want, then just pour and mix into a smooth, creamy, plant-based shake.

  1. Begin with the Y Nutrition Shake, all the nutritional power of a complete meal in a convenient drink.
  2. Indulge your taste buds with any of the +O Flavor add-ons to enhance your experience to your liking.
  3. Focus on your specific nutritional requirements by adding a scoop of a targeted +U Booster. (Multiple boosters can be combined for a customized nutritional experience.) With Y+O+U, Be Young has created something truly unique: one shake suitable for all diets. Blend your own formula to meet your own needs. With Y+O+U Personalized Nutrition there are no limitations or sacrifice. You simply create the meal that works for you.

Be sure to visit us at the Fall Healthy Planet Expo and create the customizable shakes.
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For more information pleae contact Be Young Total Health independent representative Donna Langenbacher at 314-420-0564, or email Donna@byoils.com.