‘Living in Harmony with Nature’ Retreat At Rockhaven Ecozoic Center May 27-29

By Phyllis Thorpe

“Living in Harmony with Nature” is a topic which has great appeal to HEALTHY PLANET readers. This is the theme of a retreat at Rockhaven Ecozoic Center this Memorial Day weekend May 27-29. It will be led by David Lorimer, whose book PROPHET FOR OUR TIMES introduces a spiritual teaching, preserved throughout years of persecution in communist Bulgaria, which combines universal principles of love, wisdom, and truth with methods, both spiritual and practical, that support us in increasing our capacity to live in peace, productivity, and harmony within ourselves, with others, with all of “living nature.”

The PROPHET who gave these vast teachings was Peter Deunov (1864-1944). Deunov led his followers into the high mountains where only robbers hid. Now more than a thousand followers gather there in August, living “as sisters and brothers” in the high camp, receiving inspiration and healing energy in these sacred mountains.

There, in the Seven Lakes region of the Rila Mountains, I met David Lorimer twenty years ago. His book had fallen out of print years later, when I received a call from my friend Phillip, a professional ballet dancer whose parents I had met in Rila. “Wayne Dyer is coming to St. Louis tonight. We have to go see him!” There I presented Dr. Dyer with David’s book, along with this quote, attributed to Albert Einstein: “The whole world bows before me; I bow before the Master Peter Deunov of Bulgaria.” Dr. Dyer read the book, applied the teaching of love in his life, and acknowledged it in his last public lectures. He arranged for the book to be republished last year, then passed away one week before its release.

Wayne Dyer treasured the benefits of spending time in nature, encouraging us “to go out into the wilderness, even if only your own backyard or a public park,… to be free, to be your natural self, to follow your own intuition, to sing without being criticized, to flow as the rivers do… Ask yourself what are the most pleasant memories of your lifetime. They very likely are your personal ecstatic encounters with nature.”

The healing and inspiring power of nature, access to the varieties of love, ways of “living a transformed life” in harmony as sisters and brothers – these and much more await you!

MAY 27-29 “Living in Harmony with Nature” led by David Lorimer at Rockhaven Ecozoic Center. Room and Board: $200 + love donation. Sponsored by Paneurhythmy: Circle of Joy. To reserve your space, contact us at 314-647-9415 or AmalloneP@gmail.com.