WHY Are You Sick?

By TJ Williams, DC, PhD

People come to our office looking for answers and a different healthcare model. Most are looking for the “why.” Some of the common questions are: Why do I feel the way I feel? Why did I become sick? Why aren’t I getting better? Why hasn’t anything helped? Why can’t anyone figure out what is wrong with me? While each patient is unique in their complaints, backgrounds, and circumstances, they all seem to share the realization that the current disease model of healthcare is not working for them and they want something different.

In order to answer the “why,” we begin by asking “what” questions, such as: What brought you to us? What have you tried in the past? What are you doing currently? What has not worked?

We find that by answering some “what” questions we are better able to meet our patients’ expectations and provide answers and solutions to their concerns. Part of our philosophy is that if something has been tried before and it didn’t work, it is likely not going to work if we try it again, so why not do something different? Why not find the cause?
If you are sick and/or don’t feel well, there is a cause and I promise you that the disease itself is not the cause. The cause is whatever made the disease manifest itself in the first place. Health cannot and will not return simply by managing a disease. A person’s health returns only when the cause of the disease is properly identified and adequately addressed. This is where we like to separate ourselves from others.

So how does someone find out what caused the condition to manifest? This is the area where our clinic focuses its attention. Most diseases have their causes rooted in things such as toxicities (air, water, soil), hormonal imbalances (thyroid, insulin resistance, male/female hormones, adrenal glands), infections (viruses, bacteria, candida/yeast/mold), allergies and/or sensitivities (dust, pollens, chemicals, foods) and nutritional deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids).

Once the cause has been identified, it is simply a matter of applying the appropriate treatment (therapy, diet, targeted nutrition, etc.) to help you get back on the path to wellness. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill that will miracle you back to health. It is a journey that starts with you making the decision to become healthier. Then it is about motivation and surrounding yourself with the right team to help you return to wellness. We pride ourselves on being that team because remember, “when the ‘i’ is replaced with ‘we’ even illness becomes wellness.”

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