Publisher’s Corner: El Niño Blows Things Sideways

The House Finches are doing another fly-by underneath our front porch canopy. But this seemingly attractive parcel of bird nest real estate is too small and well traveled for all who flitter in and flitter out. The warm El Niño winter weather has gotten the birds and the bulbs prematurely roused. But soon another Alberta clipper will put an end to all this February weather dressed in May clothing. El Niño years are like that mysterious east wind that often causes the normal to become the abnormal. Even politics has succumbed to the El Niño effect. Political pundits are speechless when trying to explain Donald Trump’s rise to the top of the Republican heap. Trump is hitting a nerve with a disenchanted electorate. Establishment Republicans keep trying to figure out how to control Trump, but since Donald is using his own money to fund his campaign, there seems to be no leverage. In fact, with most candidates raising their own money, party money seems to no longer be a leash. No matter how short they wish it was. Many believe the Republicans have an opportunity to win back the White House this time around. Looks like they got Trumped. And the Democrats thought Hillary was a shoe-in until the young people decided to put their idealism behind Bernie. Oh, I remember this feeling from 1972. George McGovern was our man. He was sure to win. No doubt about it. Our hearts told us that McGovern would soon govern. Boom, landslide loss. Who doesn’t want free state college for everyone? And of course I am in favor of health care for everyone. But there’s one problem. It all costs money. Free is rarely free. And taxes are already too high. It’s unlikely the populace will ever support 40-50 per cent taxes in order to get free college or health care for all. Sort of an all-inclusive vacation. One stop shopping. Trouble is, can the government run things better than individuals? It’s the ongoing argument. And in a El Niño year? Oh, boy, an east wind is blowing and the ground hog has his Bermuda shorts on. Donald Trump is sparring with the Pope and the balance of the Supreme Court is, well, in the balance. There’s got to be a novel in all this. Or at least a reality t.v. show or mini-series. We have the cast. Quiet on the set! Action!

Speaking of Spring. Our 31st Natural Living Expo is Sunday, March 20 (the first day of Spring). I would like to invite you to join us so we can help you find the resources you need to create a healthier and greener life for you and your family. We will have all sorts of great exhibitors on hand. Take a moment and read the article on page 3, then go to page 5 and cut out your 2 for 1 admission ticket so you can come and bring a friend for free! See you at the expo!

Gracias, El Niño! J.B. Lester, Publisher