Exotic Looks Yet Hardy Perennials Scrumptious Succulents

By Abby Elliott,
Owner, Sugar Creek Gardens

Carefree, low water needs, evergreen, deer and rabbit resistant, weed smothering groundcovers, exquisite and unique flowers and foliage, exotic-looking yet long lived perennials, stunning in containers…and the list goes on. As you can see the many outstanding qualities of these jewels have made succulents highly sought after plants. Easily grown indoors or out, try these plants in sunny dry areas, or in mixed pots outdoors. Add an artistic element inside your home with a few potted into a fun container. Here’s the plants you need to know:

  • Blue Elf Sedora. Our 2016 Succulent of Year due to its steel blue tufted rosettes and its profuse, heavily fragrant pink flowers with a scent that reminds many of grape soda. Its blue foliage gives it a tropical look, yet it is very hardy. It makes an excellent groundcover, and combines beautifully with other succulents for striking containers and gardens.
  • Lime Twister Stonecrop, Sedum. Bring explosive color to landscapes and containers with this jewel. Thick apple green foliage is edged in creamy white and topped with hot pink flowers. This low-growing groundcover works wonderful in masses, and mixed with other succulents in troughs and patio containers.
  • Rock ‘n Roll Rosette, Hen & Chicks. One of the most colorful selections of Sempervivum, Rock ‘n Roll brings rich hues and luscious texture to gardens and containers. Gorgeous rosettes are made up of deep orange to wine red, pointy leaves flushed with apple green at the base. It makes a fabulous show in the garden and in containers indoors or outside.
  • Dazzleberry Stonecrop. A fantastic low-growing Sedum, Dazzleberry carpets the garden with smoky blue-gray foliage and large, deep raspberry flowers. It huge flowers completely cover the foliage in late summer and fall. Butterflies and other pollinators always visit its nectar rich blossoms. It makes a great evergreen groundcover. It thrives on neglect, showing its best colors when grown in dry areas in full sun.

Succulents are easily grown in average, well-drained soil in full sun. They will tolerate light shade, drought and high heat. Succulents thrive in sandy to gravely soil with average fertility. Succulents grown in rich soils or too much shade will become weak, floppy plants.

To see more succulents, along with images, descriptions, and growing instructions of these plants visit www.sugarcreekgardens.com.