Publisher’s Corner: Shopping and Supporting Local Businesses Are Part of Who We Are

There is a lot of talk about “Shopping Local” and “Supporting Local” businesses these days. And for good reason. I understand the allure of the big box stores, with their “Super Big Discounts”. They are all about “cheaper” and “convenience” it seems. But is that really who we are? The truth is, our communities were built on the backs of local business. Growing up in Webster Groves in the 50s and 60s, we actually had a drugstore with a soda fountain, a five and dime store and a barber named Charlie. We had a doctor who made house calls and shops you didn’t get lost in. Many of those are gone now, but other small shops have taken their place. Sure the types of small businesses may have changed, but they are still St. Louis family-owned by your friends and neighbors. These are the people who count on your support after they take out loans to open new stores and hope a good holiday season will get them out of the hole. Their business taxes help keep our communities strong and safe. And you know what, you can get some great “discounts” and dare I say it, “personal service” at the shop or store down the street. Hey, no one is saying you are a bad person because you shop at the big chain stores. I am just asking you to take a look at your local shops, too. Take a stroll down Main Street and see who has something new to offer. I guarantee you will be pleased at what you see and who you talk to — people just like you, trying to live the dream. The thing is, you have a choice. And I hope you choose to support your local, St. Louis family-owned merchant this holiday season and all through the year. They are pretty great folks! Check out our Natural Living Gift and Holiday Guide for some great ideas. And see the story on “Go Local St. Louis” on page 9.

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Everyone at The Healthy Planet magazine wishes all our readers and your families, a very merry Christmas and happy holidays. May you find time to celebrate and rejoice with family and friends and share a prayer for peace in the world!

In Good Health, J.B. Lester; Publisher