Nature Wisdom

With Pat Tuholske, Naturalist

From Cedar To Pine

I grew up in the Cedar forest and have a deep appreciation for this ancient tree. Living among the Cedars taught me who I am and how I fit into the world. Cedar’s energy constantly renews my life journey and has carried me into a new adventure surrounded by the Pine.

Following a multitude of signs and omens, we moved our home and hearth from the Cedars to the Pines. Last spring we left our little Grubville cottage and began our new life in Crestwood. I am filled with gratitude for all who guided us here. The Pine grove in our woodland back yard has helped me adapt to my surroundings and to thrive on our new land.

Opening to this unfamiliar space, I feel akin to all those in transition. I am connecting with the animals, plants, elemental and ancestral spirits dwelling here. When I am feeling off, I seek out the Cedars nearby for their gift of serenity and stability. Daily encounters with Cedars are not as frequent but I am acclimating and flourishing under the Pines. We landed in the perfect place for this nature- loving woman. We are thankful for the 85 acres of woodland out our back gate, gifted with viewing the legendary Clydesdales every day, and blessed by the wandering herds of Grant’s Farm.

Our woodland grove back yard is adorned with a stand of sky-reaching Pines that are home to a healthy population of squirrels and more bird species than I can count. As I walk under the Pines on the soft carpet created by fallen needles, I listen for the music created by wind in their branches. It is a sound as old as the first Pine. My new soul song is “I am fine among the Pine”.

Pine has been on Earth for eons and will be long into the future. Able to survive countless Earth changes, Pine exhibits great strength and resilience. Pine trees are so adaptable that they are known to naturally cross pollinate between species to evolve into an improved species.

Ancient tribes regarded it as the Tree of Peace. Meditating with the tree, smoke or essential oil helps in understanding the spirit of nature and encourages the qualities of appreciation, patience, flexibility, and regeneration. Breathing in the essential oil aids the lungs, fatigue, flu and convalescence. A poultice of the resin draws out splinters and drains skin eruptions. Pines are credited with saving the lives of early settlers on America’s shores. The Natives showed the colonists how to brew Pine Needle Tea for vitamins, nourishment and healing.

Seek Pine’s green healing gifts to energize you through these cold and seemingly barren winter days. Pines are survivors and have much to teach about bouncing back from adversity, thriving in the midst of change, and letting your true color shine even in the darkest of days.

Where, in the past, Cedar surrounded me, now my days are spent guided by the Pine. The Pine called me here. The Pine shelters me. The Pine guides me. In our new home, we adapt and thrive like the Pine.

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