Green Real Estate Agent Helps Clients Achieve Sustainable Goals

Maggie Lalor

By Maggie Lalor

My name is Maggie Lalor, and I’m a green real estate agent.

Our homes are important to us for many reasons. We spend time in our homes with our family and friends, eat, sleep, and plan gardens there. Decorations, family photos, pets, and memories fill them. A lot of time, emotion, energy, and money go into our homes. But, our homes can also have a big impact on the environment and our health. In 2014, 41% of the energy in the United States was used in residential or commercial buildings according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). The air quality in our homes can impact our health, especially when the air inside our home may be more polluted than the air outside. The EPA reports that the concentrations of many Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are consistently higher indoors, up to ten times higher than outdoors.

I find myself being asked “What is green real estate?”, even by some who are sustainability advocates. Like living sustainably, being a green real estate agent is an ongoing process that is different for every person. For me, it’s about finding ways to help my clients achieve their sustainability goals as well as greening my business wherever I can. That is why I drive a plug-in Prius, have paperless transactions, and search out the eco-friendly alternatives, whether it’s business cards or binders. It’s important for me to be a resource for my clients, be it marketing their property’s green features, discussing net zero energy homes, or helping first time home buyers find a mortgage that includes funds to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

Sustainability and the environment have always been important to me. My accelerated Masters in Public Affairs had a focus in Energy and Environmental Policy, and during undergrad I worked in an aquatic invasive species lab. To stay on top of green building trends I’m a member of organizations like the Gateway Chapter of the Green Building Council and the Green REsource Council.

Sustainable living is about more than the home. Connecting with my community is another important way I try to live sustainably. That’s why I’m active in my neighborhood association, work with local schools, and am also a block captain that regularly organizes events like alley cleanups and block parties. I believe in being sensibly sustainable to improve my life, my home, and my community.

For more info please contact Maggie Lalor at 314-677-6542, or maggielalor@kw.com. www.maggielalor.com.