Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi

Prospering in Pod-Space

I have had to become
a Pod Person
It seems to be part of my fate
To stay one with the trees
As they dance with the breeze,
And be for Nature an advocate.

With my purpose deliberately rooted
And my focus a positive choice
I am honored to be for the plant world
A hearty hand, motion, and voice.

My totem, the flexible earthworm,
Who makes moving a mountain look easy
Inspires me to speak,
In my role as Green Geek,
For the Earth, with persistence uncease-y.

I’ve been doing this as a broadcaster
For a century’s quarter, plus
But when media shifts
There can be sudden rifts
Between on-airs and off-airs of us.

And when so many modern humans
Go about with buds in their ears,
For they want to select
What they hear or neglect –
That’s a climate change, my dears.

This is time to make use of the new stuff
Heed the call to refresh work’s appeal,
(Though I felt so assured
In a niche so well cured)
Keep it useful AND easy AND real!

Nature shows how to roll with mutations,
Demos how to evolve or go bust.
Embrace a new form!
Grow toward a new norm!
And leave any gripes in the dust.
So this is what’s happened with Earthworms
My talk show community service:
It served antenna-hung folks
And now reaches young folks
And others whom pods don’t make nervous.

You can hear the same good conversations
On topics so variously Green
But now you choose the day
And the time and the way
You tune into enviro-talk Jean.

If you value this source of perspective,
If the show has felt true and not rune-ish
Please support this Earth-voice,
Make a modern-day choice
And catch podcasts in spaces iTune-ish.

Thanks for listening –
And for everything Green you do!
Onward, into a new communicative epoch!

In June of this year, the long-running radio talk show Earthworms moved from broadcast on FM-88 KDHX to podcasting in the new web niche KDHXtra.org, in support of this burgeoning new community media focus. Weekly conversations continue to offer perspective on the myriad ways we humans are truly working in partnership with Earth’s processes and wisdom. Please check ‘em out, and share what you enjoy and learn with a friend.

Earthworms.kdhXtra.org – or subscribe through iTunes.