Autumn Family Activities

By Crystal Stevens

Autumn is the perfect time to be outside. The air is crisp and fresh. Vibrant colors are everywhere. Our winged friends are making great migrations. Wildlife is abundant and busy scurrying about, collecting and storing food for winter. This region has a wonderful array of outdoor activities to choose from.

Nature walks
This area has a myriad of forests, prairies, woodlands and savannahs to explore. The ecology of Missouri is very diverse. There are also some very amazing green spaces to explore such as Forest Park, Kirkwood Park and Laumeier Sculpture Park. Visit these websites to learn more.

Nature Scavenger Hunts and Nature Art
Kids love art! The wonderful thing about autumn is the abundance of natural materials that can be found in backyards, parks and on nature trails. They can be used in very creative ways.

  • Nature mandalas/ nature mosaics
  • Nature Mobiles
  • Leaf rubbings
  • Nature sculpture
  • Jewelry

Nature Observation
Make a nature journal from recycled materials and sit in a park or your backyard to make observations about the changing seasons. Have the kids take notes about, draw or photograph their observations.

Pumpkin Patches
Nothing says fall like a trip to a pumpkin patch with the family. There are several to choose from and each of them have a plethora of activities and play areas for kids.
Below are some of our favorites.

Campfire Cooking
With the bountiful autumn harvest, we like to cook campfire meals with our kids. We involve them in the entire process… building the fire, washing and prepping the produce, and watching it cook. Our favorite is autumn stew with sweet potatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and garlic made in a Dutch oven. The kids also love making grilled flatbreads.

Bike ride on the Katy Trail
There is a wonderful section of the trail in downtown St. Charles, along the river. We enjoy good family time on the trail. There is a great little bike repair shop and café called the Bike Stop Café nearby that has delicious food and coffee.

Crystal Stevens is a regular contributor to The Healthy Planet magazine and farmer at LaVistaCSA.org.