What Story Your Eyes Tell About Your Health

By Dr. Carrie Jardine

To truly know a person, take a long look into their eyes. This is true both mentally and physically.

Looking to the eye for health clues has a rich history in various countries. Warriors were chosen by looking into their eyes to detect courage, reaction time and physical stamina. The Egyptian hieroglyphs reveal physicians examining the iris. Hippocrates wrote about the Greeks using iris variances to indicate certain organ’s health.

European doctors have used extensive research in the last 100 years to widely accept the “Eye Analysis” as a valuable preventative health care tool. You can benefit from this tool too.

How is it done?
We take a close up picture of your eye to examine color, iris fibers, markings, sclera, surrounding skin pigmentation, pupil dilation and other clues. Then we use traditional medicine, neurology, Chinese medicine and Iridology to create a six month “Preventative and Optimizing Health Blueprint.” This is a painless, economical and valuable tool.

What is detected in the Eye Analysis?
Over 300 thousand nerves from all body areas end in the eye at the optic nerve so we can see many clues to health here. Puffy eyes can be a signal of gall bladder problems. Eye shadows can show kidney weakness. A white ring around the iris can mean cholesterol issue. Other things we detect are genetic vulnerabilities, lymph congestion, weakened organs, acidity, how stress affects you, nutrient assimilation and waste removal. Although we do not diagnose disease, this is a great way to detect imbalances before they develop to disease.

Pain decreases, menopause symptoms, lose stubborn weight, regain sex drive and sleep soundly when you begin living your individualized Optimizing Health Blueprint.

How can your programs benefit me?
Understanding your unique needs will help manage your resources while optimizing your health for the biggest payoff. Get our Full Eye Analysis if you want a six month “Preventative and Optimizing Health Blueprint.”

If you like learning about your health, enroll in our workshop “What story do your eyes tell,” on Thursday, August 20th at 5pm. And finally, by participating in our research project of collecting 1000 pictures of eyes, you will get a complimentary report emailed to you of the five health components we’re studying. Just give our office a call at 636-207-6600 or you can reach Dr. Jardine at 314-607-1038.

Nature provides us with valuable insight into our body through examining the eyes. What story do your eyes tell us about your health?