This Fall, Give Your Lawn A Facial

Top Dressing

Top Dress With Compost!

By The Experts at St. Louis Composting

Your lawn was good to your family this summer. Reciprocate this fall by giving it a top dressing “facial” using the ultimate 100% natural lawn care product – STA-certified compost.

Just as a spa facial restores a healthy glow and smooth texture to your skin, top-dressing – which simply involves spreading a thin layer of compost over your lawn, then incorporating it with a rake – will help produce a green, lush lawn next spring. It can also lessen dips in the lawn’s surface, help level turf and serve as an excellent first step toward the repair of stressed lawn areas.

Further, top dressing will boost the nutritive uptake of your grass, promote deep-rooted turf, plus help balance moisture levels and mitigate compaction in the soil.
If you have a “working” lawn where your kids love to run and play, top dressing can even add to your peace of mind since hard falls figure to hurt less on a softer, top-dressed surface.

When it is time to top dress, use the right stuff: all-natural STA-certified compost, packed with nutrients to help grasses take winter in stride and flourish next spring. Applying it is easy with top dressing equipment, available for rent at St. Louis Composting. And while you’re at it, fall is also a great time to re-seed bare or sparse spots on your lawn. The cool weather helps sprouts establish strong root systems.

Here’s how to reseed.
First, core-aerate the lawn, concentrating on heavily trafficked areas.
Second, spread grass seed, lightly rake and water.
Third, use a top dressing machine or manure spreader to apply a 1/2-inch layer of compost.
Fourth, use a rake or a weighted drag to smooth the surface, break down soil plugs and backfill holes.
Then, keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate.
Treat your lawn like the lady she is. Top dress with compost this fall to smooth, soften, beautify and fortify.

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