Natural Medicine From The Kitchen

The Digestive System: An Energetic Pathway

By Thomas Duckworth
Doctor of Kototama Life Medicine

“Diet is the most important way to control physical life and activity. The wrong diet puts the entire body out of balance. Eventually the unbalanced circulation of energy causes illness. Those who are interested in studying medicine are obliged, first of all, to clearly understand this matter of diet.”
— Dr. Masahilo M. Nakazono Osensei
(Founder of Kototama Life Medicine)

The first organs of the Digestive System are the teeth. Whether you blame God or evolution, we have specific types of teeth designed to perform specific functions. Their structures indicate what type and what percentages of food are necessary for humans to maintain a healthy balance of life energy. Adults have 32 teeth; twenty molars for cracking and grinding cereals: grains, seeds, nuts, dry beans; eight incisors for cutting and shredding plants: vegetables, fruits, tubers; and four canines for tearing and masticating animal: flesh, organs, fish, fowl, eggs.

The second organ of Digestion is the tongue, which is very involved in breaking down food. There are multiple reasons why we should not talk with a mouth full of food. The tongue is actively involved in the chewing of solids as the first step of digestion. Talking while eating requires two separate incompatible tongue actions, research ‘Heimlich Maneuver’ for further details.

Traditional Japanese dietary practices teach “Drink your solids, chew your fluids.” This means reduce your solids to a pulverized state mixed with enough saliva to allow the food to slide down your throat. “Chew” your liquids means mingling fluids in the mouth to 1) bring the temperature of the liquid near body temp before introducing to the stomach, 2) alter the chemistry of the fluid by introducing enzymes and 3) allow the fluids to enter the stomach more like a lazy creek than a waterfall.

The next organs of digestion are the glands in the mouth, the only site throughout this Energetic Pathway to secrete the enzymes necessary for breaking down starches. Inadequate chewing prevents the access and integration of digestive enzymes, creating stress and distress to the stomach and intestines. Therefore, one should not talk while eating, at least not while chewing and do not drink as a means of swallowing. Drinking liquids with solids dilutes the enzymes and flushes inadequately chewed foods into the stomach. I purposely use the word flush because such activity means you treat your mouth and throat as a toilet and your nutritional system as a waste disposal center. This causes havoc to an extraordinary and quite vital organism of life maintenance. Stupid has its consequences. You need Ume concentrate; see Natural Medicine From the Kitchen for details.

My grandmother made us chew each bite 20 times. I showed her that a bite of banana could not last 20 chews. She was unmoved. She lived to age 90, her husband to age 94; their daughter, my mother, lived to age 98. Do you think it was what they ate or how they ate?

Thomas Duckworth began his studies with Dr. Nakazono M. Masahilo Osensei in 1973, earning his Certificate in Acupuncture in 1980, Diploma in Acupuncture in 1982 and Doctorate in Kototama Life Medicine in 1987 through the Kototama Institute. Natural Life Therapy Clinic opened in Santa Fe in 1980 and relocated to St. Louis in 1998. It is located at 443 N. New Ballas Rd, 63141. (314) 991-6035. Office is open 5 days a week; treatments are by appointment. Dr. Duckworth provides therapy on Tuesdays through Fridays. Jason Hackler, Doctor of Oriental Medicine (NM), Licensed Acupuncturist (MO) who has been studying and practicing with Dr. Duckworth since 1994 sees patients Monday through Friday. Two Wednesdays a month, we provide our services at no cost to the Institute of American Acupuncture.

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