Cheers to 35 Years

Young Friends of Operation Food Search Host Wine Tasting Celebration September 26

By Karen Klaus,
Director of Development
Operation Food Search

Join the Young Friends of Operation Food Search as they host “Cheers to 35 Years,” an anniversary wine tasting event (with beer for those who prefer hops to grapes) from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, September 26 at the Duane Reed Gallery, 4729 McPherson Avenue in the Central West End.

Come sip, nosh, and meet other like-minded young professionals and emerging leaders outside of your current social network or work environment to celebrate Operation Food Search’s 35 years of serving the hungry in St. Louis.

The Young Friends of Operation Food Search have a deep passion for the organization’s mission: Nourish and Educate our Neighbors in Need to Heal the Hurt of Hunger. This dynamic, social group of engaged and dedicated volunteers offers OFS fresh perspectives and are important to the future of St. Louis’ largest distributor of free food for the hungry. They are donating the proceeds from this event to the childhood nutrition programs of Operation Food Search.

Despite wine’s heritage of high culture and tradition, young people are becoming more informed about wine: processes, vineyards, varieties, regions and other factors. Pinnacle Imports LLC, the wine sponsor of the Young Friends tasting will have its enthusiastic and friendly representatives on hand at the event to share their knowledge about the tastings offered.

There are also impressive health benefits of wine associated with responsible consumption. When consumed in moderation, red wine is said to promote a longer life span, provide benefits to the heart, protect against certain cancers, lower blood pressure, protect the brain from stroke damage, prevent blinding diseases, contain antioxidants, and improve mental health, reduce risk of depression and lower the risk of dementia. It’s even said that wine can protect against severe sunburn.

In a study that compared the antioxidant effects of both red and white wines, results suggested that white wine is just as powerful as red in improving heart function and artery blockage. Both red and white are attributed to improving lung function and preventing lung cancer, and to boosting levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the body. A German study even suggests that white wine is beneficial towards achieving weight loss.

These are just some of the benefits attributed to moderate wine consumption.

So Cheers to 35 Years of Operation Food Search’s work to nourish and educate our community! We hope you’ll join us for some sips to your good health and to the nourishment and good health of our young neighbors in need.

For tickets and information, visit www.OperationFoodSearch.org.