Thermography Is For Everyone

By April Abbonizio
Certified Clinical Thermographer

Thermography, or Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), is a very reliable and accurate tool that provides precise and objective information that can lead us to a successful diagnosis and treatment. It is quick, painless and there is no radiation involved. It is a test of physiology and function of our bodies. Thermography is based on infrared heat emission by our body’s tissues and presents the information as a digitized image. Our bodies should be thermally symmetrical and when it’s not, there is some type of dysfunction. Abnormal patterns detect abnormal conditions in our bodies. Thermal imaging is an easy way to detect unhealthy physiological changes in our bodies so we can make a plan to reverse disease before it’s too late.

Thermography can help detect many conditions such as arthritis, the source of chronic pain, nerve damage, breast disease, disc disease, inflammatory pain, fibromyalgia, dental and TMJ issues, skin cancer, sprain, stroke screening, vascular disease, thyroid disease, digestive disorders and many more.

Thermography is a great tool to assess a woman’s risk for breast cancer. It is particularly helpful in women ages 30-50 who have dense breast tissue because there is no mechanical pressure with the exam. It is safe for women with breast implants.

Thermograms pick up on abnormal blood supply (which is a precursor to any dysfunction in the body) well before cancer is large enough to be noticed as a lump in an exam. An issue can be detected at its earliest stages which increases treatment options and a successful recovery. The exam is not limited to the breast tissue, it shows patterns to all the surrounding breast tissue from the neck to below the breasts. Because there is no mechanical pressure or radiation, it does not increase cancer risk or promote cancer spread.

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