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Natural Medicine From The Kitchen by Thomas Duckworth

Natural Medicine From The Kitchen: A Treasure Trove of Traditional Gastronomic Remedies

By Thomas Duckworth
Doctor of Kototama Life Medicine

Apparently, every book on food, nutrition and diet published in the past 50 years has turned a profit for the author or publisher. From Adelle Davis to Nathan Pritikin, from George Osawa and Macrobiotics to Barry Sears and the Zone Diet; we have paleo, Blood type, Vegan, gluten-free and fat enriched; we have opinions and philosophies all over the place. “Eat large quantities of protein to lose weight” ; “Over-consumption of meat will kill you” ; “Eat as little fat as you can; “Eat as much fat as you can” ; “Do not eat fruit” ; “Eat only fruit” ;“Eat soy” ; “Don’t eat soy” “Drink smoothies all day” ; “Detox”. It is crazy! Experts everywhere saying nonsensical things.

It is understandable why food and nutrition books sell so well. Modern medical training is a ‘fix it when it breaks’’ mindset, nutrition is part of a ‘keep it from breaking’ paradigm. I have heard the definition of health as “a situation where not enough medical tests have been conducted,” but that is a different article.

There are healing systems that have always considered nutrition basic to the health of mind, body and spirit. There are civilizations where cookbooks and medical text are on the same shelf.

Our oriental ancestors were observers; they paid attention. They saw connections; they understood the logic of nature. They paid attention to the seasons of the year, the weather and the eco-system. They noted their attractions to particular foods in certain seasons; they recorded foods that are cooling and foods that heat up the interior body; they looked for medicine in the garden. They learned that seasonal foods are often quite therapeutic within that season. They learned that meats, oils and dense cooked foods are great for the warmth, stillness and recuperation needed in winter. Raw foods, salads, light meals and fruit help address excess heat and humidity in summer; those same foods are poison in the winter. For over 3,000 years, practitioners of Far Eastern Medicine, have listened, observed and recorded how to maintain health. Much of this occurred in the kitchen.

I advise my patients to listen to their bodies, listen to their nature. My wife says that folks are not going to do that; no one wants to change. She plans to publish a weight-loss program centered on an M&M diet. She thinks we will make millions; this is our goal to retirement plan. But seriously…

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