Listening & Learning: Podcasts in the Garden

By Linda Wiggen Kraft

I spend lots of time working in gardens, my own and others. There are many days from 7am to 7 pm. I love listening to the sounds of the garden: birds, bees and breeze to name a few. I also love listening to garden podcasts to learn more about gardening and to make the long days go faster.

With garden podcasts, I plug ear buds into my smart phone and learn great organic gardening information that is up to date, in depth and sometimes off beat; all while I’m getting garden work done. I use my IPhone, but any smart phone will do. I listen to these podcasts either through IPod or Stitcher apps. Stitcher works with Iphones and Android. Both apps fast-forward or rewind so it is easy to go back to listen again to important info, or fast forward through ads or not worthy info.

I have four favorites. These podcast hosts are all experts and organic gardeners that share info and insights into the world of gardens. The first three are podcasts by long time well-known (in the gardening world anyway) gardeners and garden book authors. Each has their own flavor of sharing enthusiasm and expertise. The fourth podcast is a quirky reminder of getting closer to nature in gardening work.

A Way to Garden (www.awaytogarden.com) is Margaret Roach’s weekly 25 minute podcast from Robin Hood Radio, the nation’s smallest NPR station. Margaret was garden editor of Martha Stewart Living. She moved to her country home in 2008 and has devoted her passion for gardening into her podcast, blog, website, books she authored and her own garden. She interviews garden authors and experts sharing useful and often not well-known garden tips. Her website archives the podcasts with both audio and written script. There is other info including recipes, monthly garden chores and garden doodles.

Real Dirt (www.kendruserealdirt.com) is Ken Druse’s weekly 25 minute podcast where he speaks on many garden topics and also interviews other passionate gardeners and garden authors. He calls his podcast “gardening 202” meaning it goes beyond basic gardening info. Ken has written and photographed many best selling and inspirational garden books. His latest is his second about shade gardening where he celebrates the need for cooler garden spaces.

You Bet Your Garden (www.whyy.org/cms/youbetyourgarden) is broadcast from NPR station WHYY in Philadelphia hosted by Mike McGrath, former editor of Organic Gardening. This 55 minute show consists of about 45 minutes of call in questions from all over the country. The last segment is about a specific topic, often with interviews by experts on the subject. The website has an A-Z of gardening questions that cover many questions gardeners have.

Biodynamic Gardening Report (www.ccfoodie.podbean.com) is a less than 10 minute weekly interview of biodynamic grower Ralph Johnson in coastal central California. Biodynamics has been described as organic+ gardening and growing. The report lists the best times for planting what kinds of plants according to the moon and other influences from the sky. There is also other biodynamic info. This podcast reminds me of the way I want to garden and informs me of how to garden with a greater connection to the earth and nature’s rhythms.

These podcasts are worth a listen and a great way to spend even more time in the garden. There are other podcasts on a variety of sustainable gardening subjects. Let me know if there are organic gardening podcasts you like.

Linda Wiggen Kraft is a landscape designer who creates holistic and organic gardens. She is also a mandala artist and workshop leader. Visit her blog at www.CreativityForTheSoul.com/blog or website: www.CreativityForTheSoul.com. Call 314 504-4266.