Herbs, Oils & Energy Therapy For Animals

By Maureen Keller
Healing Touch For Animals Practitioner

I have been enjoying an abundantly successful and fulfilling practice for two years. As my clientele grows, I have the unique ability to educate, as well as empower, my clients to help mantain their animal’s good health and well being.

The energy work I provide for my clients comes from extensive training and education in the Healing Touch for Animals program. I have received certification in levels 1 through 4 of the HTA program, as well as being proficient in magnetic, photonic (cold laser red light therapy), and bio-mat therapies. I will complete my certification in Equine Iridology this summer in France at the Ellen Collinson School of Iridology. I always look forward to expanding my services to my equine clients.

By the time this is published I will be in southern France on a 400-horse facility learning Equine Iridology, the study of mapping the equine iris to locate disharmony within the equine body, well before symptoms occur.

I write monthly for the Horse Network Newspaper, in which I offer extensive how-to articles that provide my readers alternative remedies for maintaining good health for their equine partners. I also give customized workshops for groups appropriate to their interests. For example, I have given post and pre-performance accupressure how-to sessions to trainers at a show farm in central Illinois. I also give general wellness animal workshops for those interested in learning how to better connect with their animals. In the workshops I cover subjects such as how energy medicine works on animals; the correct use of essential oils, crystals and herbs in order to alleviate pain and behavioral issues; and much more. I have a large network of colleagues that I call on for tinctures, flower essences, and oil blends that I offer to my clients.

On September 12, 2015, my colleagues and I will offer the first of what we hope will be an annual event. The “Herbs, Oils & Energy Therapy for Animals” Conference, will be held on a beautiful farm in New Douglas, Illinois. The speakers will include herbalist Kathryn Chapman from Painted Goat Farm, who will speak about making tinctures and flower essences for animals and their people. The entire conference will be held in a comprehensive how-to context. There will also be literature and products available for purchase.

Another featured speaker is Jan Rock of J&J Chocolate Chalet. With her extensive knowledge of Young Living Essential Oils, Jan will enlighten the group on some of the oils most used for animals, as well as their energetic properties. Products referred to in her presentation will be available for sale to the public as well.

I will be the last speaker at the conference, offering a concise explanation of energy medicine and how it works, as well as showing how to apply these theories to your own animal friends. I will cover the animal Chakra system, energy techniques, the use of essential oils, crystals, photonic and bio-mat therapies. I will have crystals and metaphysical supplies for sale as well.

The Early Bird admission of $30 includes a bag lunch and information packet filled with a notebook and discount coupons from the speakers and a ticket for attendance prizes. Seating is limited to thirty-five people and will be on a first -come, first-served basis. The Early Bird admission price is valid until September 5, 2015. Any admission requests postmarked after September 5th will pay the regular price of $50. Admission fees will be returned to those unable to attend should we reach our seating capacity of 35.

Please make checks payable to TRANQUIL COMPANION. Include with your payment the type of animal you own and any particular interests you may have. Payments are non-refundable unless we are unable to seat you due to maximum capacity reached. Mail payments to: TRANQUIL COMPANION, 2608 Williams Street, Maryville, IL 62062.

For more information, please contact Maureen Keller at 618-972-8267 or by email at 2SPOILEDROTTS@GMAIL.COM. Please reference H.O.E. Conference in the subject line.