Heading Back To School On A Healthy Note

Back to School

We all want what is best for our little ones—there is no doubt about that. With fall just around the corner and school about to start, it is important to ensure that your child is heading to school on a healthy note. Here are a few simple steps you can take to help your child start out on the right track.

Let’s begin by making sure your child is getting plenty of water. A new Harvard study showed that over half of school age children are clinically dehydrated. As you know, water is very important to keep a body healthy. Water helps us detoxify, promotes good digestion and fights off fatigue. Encourage your child to drink plenty of water before and after school and remember to talk to them about the importance of drinking water while they are at school.

Second, focus on providing a nutrient dense breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so shoot for one that is high in protein. Focus on eggs, lean means, and non-starchy vegetables. Your children’s grades will thank you for it.

Third, be sure to pack healthy snacks for your little tikes. Vegetables and/or protein are always great ideas. Remember to limit the amount of sugary snacks you give to your kids. The American Heart Association recommends that school-age children consume less than 12 grams of sugar per day. Remember to check the labels to make sure your child is not getting too much sugar in their diet.

Lastly, make sure your child gets plenty of sleep at night. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that school age children should average 10-11 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is a time when the body repairs and rebuilds itself. Growing children are the ones who need the most sleep. One way to make sure your child gets the right amount of sleep is to implement a nighttime routine. This routine should include eliminating all electronic devices at least 1 hour before bed because the screens on electronic devices keep the brain and body from starting the sleep process.

In conclusion, like you, we want the very best for your children. School is important to give them a good foundation, but more important is their health. The healthier your child is, the more they will learn from school.

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