Going Green from the Outside In: Exteriors by Mosby

By Ken Ware, Business Manager,
Exteriors by Mosby

Exteriors By Mosby, a division of family-owned, Mosby Building Arts, launched in March of 2015 with a focus on roofing, siding, windows and doors. We chose to separate Exteriors from the rest of the business to provide dedicated exterior experts to meet our clients’ needs.

While the possibilities of exterior design are endless, we have chosen to work with several manufacturers and vendors who offer environmentally friendly products. We are also committed to being as green as we can on job sites, having recently partnered with LEDR Recycling for full service construction site recycling.

When working on roofing projects, we recommend the GAF system. Not only is this a great roofing system, warranted to last as long as the homeowner owns the property, but GAF is also proud to promote sustainability in all areas of their business. They support new technologies in energy efficiency, material optimization, and recycling that help conserve natural resources, and educate their partners, like us, on what’s available.

Our exclusive siding line, Harbor, is another great exterior product for homeowners concerned with environmental impact. Harbor Siding is energy efficient with an increased R Value to resist heat, which means the home will consume less energy and leave a smaller carbon footprint over the life of the siding. Harbor is also low maintenance and can be cleaned with just mild soap and water. This is a benefit from a practical standpoint, and also ensures that no painting, staining, caulking or other chemicals are needed to maintain the siding.

Our Mosby Vinyl Windows are another energy efficient option. The Low-E glass provides extra protection by keeping heat inside when it’s cold outside, and keeping heat out when it’s hot outside. Mosby Windows have multiple panes of glass for better insulation. The windows meet or exceed ENERGY STAR ratings, lower energy bills and make the home more comfortable for the homeowner.

Exterior doors have one of the highest returns on investment for a home remodeling project. It’s important to make sure your doors look great, and last as long as you need them to. When working with homeowners, we recommend ProVia doors. They are energy-efficient, reduce energy costs in the home, and come in several styles, colors and finishes. ProVia doors are ENERGY STAR rated: the polyurethane core reduces energy loss, the weather-stripping offered is the most efficient seal available to keep moisture, dirt and air out of your home, and the window trim is warranted not to warp.

We are committed to finding solutions that work for area homeowners, minimize the impact on the environment, and are built to last. All of these products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, and any exteriors service performed by Exteriors by Mosby is backed by our 10-year workmanship warranty in addition to the product warranties to ensure sustainability.

For more information call (314) 909-1800 or visit online at www.mosbybuildingarts.com.