A Word To The Wise

With Kate Schroeder, M.Ed, LPC, NCC

Empowerment Comes From Inside

Do you believe that freedom comes only when you make enough money to be comfortable and have the things that you want, or when your boss leaves you alone or the kids finally listen to you and behave the way that you would like for them to behave? Most of us are taught that freedom comes when we’ve created an external world that fits our image of what we want and like in our life or when we get others to respond how we would like and expect. To be sure, along with independent wealth comes a level of freedom that might not be available to someone who has to work a job to make a living. And when there is little conflict in our life and relationships, then we certainly are freed up to use the energy previously given to those dilemmas for other things in our life.

The problem with relying on this type of freedom alone is that we are giving our power away to something external to ourselves in order for us to be happy or secure. What happens when the money runs out or others are not acting in accordance with our expectations? Or we don’t get that date that we were hoping for? When we rely solely on things external to us to make us happy or feel secure, we attach ourselves to that something outside of us, and in all actuality are reducing our ability to move freely throughout our lives; we lose our freedom actually.

True freedom comes from being connected to our soul and spirit, which is solid and secure whether or not someone or something acts in accordance to our wishes and needs. The empowerment that we all are searching for, comes from getting back in touch with the parts of us that were split off in order to survive emotionally in a world that is constantly bombarding us with messages about who we can be, who we shouldn’t be, what is ok to want and/or need and so forth. When we reconnect with these lost parts, we find empowerment of a different kind that is not dependent upon others to be happy. This soul spirit inside of us is already designed with everything that it needs to be happy in life- it holds our truths, our answers, our guidance towards what is necessary for wholeness. And the disconnect from this treasure inside of us is what leads to addictions and dysfunctional coping techniques necessary to numb out the discomfort of knowing that we have lost our connection to spirit.

The journey back inside to our soul requires a tenacity and commitment to experience the process of healing and re-integrating all of our parts. When we reconnect inside with that which is our true source of happiness and security, we are empowered to move throughout our lives without being dependent on external things for our happiness. And in this manner, we discover a sense of freedom that is infinite. For more information on therapy services, guided imageries, meditations, classes, and upcoming programs, visit Kate at:

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