Whole Body Vibration Helps Ease Pain And Improve Health

By Janie Oelke & Myriam Boter, NCLMT

Worldwide research from over 100 Universities has found that almost everyone can benefit from using the Whole Body Vibration Machine (WBV) for either exercise, physical therapy or massage. Fortunately, this technology is now “vibrating” all over the world because it really works to improve the many health challenges people are facing today. The best part is 10 min = 1 hour workout. While standing on the plate your muscles experience continuous contractions creating a more effective workout in a shorter period of time.

Seem too good to be true? As huge skeptics, we thought so too, until we gave it the age old “test of time”. After 5 years of personal and professional use, this technology has proven itself worthy for chronic conditions like arthritis, lower back pain and depression just to name a few. Because it’s easy, effective and enjoyable, our clients find it effortless to use consistently and are thrilled to be getting results. MD’s , Chiropractors, Physical therapist, Personal trainers and massage therapists are discovering the support it provides for them and their clients.

Myriam Boter has been practicing Massage Therapy for over 2 decades and these are some of the reasons clients seek her services. “A sluggish, dense, bloating feeling keeps me from enjoying my life.” Getting up in the morning is difficult.” “My body aches and is stiff.” Myriam is blessed to assist in alleviating their pain, however, WBV further helps her clients with improving their abilities to stay in control of their physical body. Every session she begins with 5 minutes to activate the Lymphatic and Circulation flow. By enhancing local circulation it builds a stronger immune system, aids bone remineralization and reduces joint pain. Using WBV has been instrumental in helping preserve her hands, stamina and the life of her practice.

At HealthyZone, we offer the lifetimeVibe WBV primarily because it’s high quality, designed, engineered, and built in the USA! Visit our website to view the myriad of videos from Chiropractors, Physical therapists and clients testimonials. With the purchase of a machine you will receive a personalized program according to your specific needs. We also provide other health services to assist in healthy lifestyle changes. We invite you to join us for a free demonstration on Monday and Wednesday evenings to decide for yourself. What do you have to lose? Pain in your joints, stress, tight muscles, low energy or discomfort in your low back.

Wishing each of you the pleasure of re-claiming your health!

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