Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis Celebrates 7 Years In Business

Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis is celebrating being in business for 7 years! This is as exciting for us as it is for the clients that we see each year. Linda Spradling, owner of Medical Thermography of Metro St. Louis, has experienced starting a business where very few people understood or had even heard of thermography to a flourishing business where people are not only understanding the benefits of thermography but appreciate her bringing this type of technology to the St. Louis area.

MTMSTL has seen almost double the growth in the last two years and we have expanded to several cities outside our already multiple locations in St. Louis and the surrounding areas. This has been accomplished not only through our own advertising but through the help of our tremendous clinic partners. All of our clinic partners encourage their own patients and staff as well as non-patients to come to their facilities to receive thermograms.

We expect our growth to continue as preventative and holistic healthcare continue to grow and save lives. The many changes that are taking place in America’s healthcare system now are persuading people to re-evaluate the quality of health that traditional care and insurance is providing. Thermal imaging is used over time to monitor your health and gives the opportunity to discover health concerns much earlier than traditional tests would indicate a problem developing.

If you would like more information or a list of our locations please visit our website at www.medicalthermography-stl.com or call us at: 314-566-0350.