Spring Forward with Be Young Total Health

By Donna Langenbacher

You can prevent illness, repair cellular damage, and promote lifelong wellness with the best products made from fresh, natural ingredients. Research has shown that, when a product is applied to our skin, the chemicals within it can be absorbed into our blood stream within 30 seconds.

If you do not take care of your body where are you going to live?
Attack free radicals with the super dose of antioxidants and phytonutrients found in every serving of Be Young’s signature antioxidant drink “Masaji”.

A single serving of Masaji has a total ORAC 5.0 value of 58,000 u/mol per ounce, almost three times the average found in the top 18 fruits, beverages, and specialty products that promote themselves as high in antioxidants.

Defend your immune system. Be Young’s Liver Cleanse is specifically formulated to increase oxygenation, boost nutrient absorption, and free vital organs from the harmful toxins that can lead to fatigue, organ failure and disease.  Be Young Total Health Strategy is a complete, whole-body approach to preventing illness, repairing cellular damage, and promoting lifelong wellness.

Protect yourself from the harmful ingredients found in most health and beauty products. Be Young Total Health has developed a trustworthy alternative to the toxins found in most brands of health and beauty products. Using only safe, effective ingredients and Be Young’s signature EOBBD essential oils, you can feel confident that there is nothing dangerous or unknown compromising your delicate body system or stealing life from your skin, hair or smile.

Restore your cellular health Nutri-Smart™ which is an all-natural whole food formulated daily supplement to deliver complete nutrients equivalent to 9 servings of fruits and 9 servings of vegetables. Be Young’s delicious 100% whole food meal replacement powders provide the macro nutrients and minerals you need to thrive without chemicals, pesticides, and artificial coloring, flavoring, sweeteners and preservatives. Feeding your body and skin with all natural ingredients and high-quality E.O.B.B.D. essential oils is healthy and brings the peace of mind that comes from using products that are free of chemicals and preservatives.

Can you pronounce the ingredients you eat or apply to your body? These amazing products feature essential oils and blends specifically formulated to address your individual wellness concerns.

Are looking for pain relief?

Do you want to loose weight for quality of life improvement?

Would increased energy and immunity benefit you?

Be Young Total Health is designed for you.

The Be Young Total Health Strategy is a complete, whole-body approach to preventing illness, repairing cellular damage, and promoting lifelong wellness. Start today to enjoy a life that is Restoring and Rewarding.

For more information contact Donna Langenbacher at 314-420-0564 or email Donna@BYOils.com.