Publisher’s Corner: May is Mom’s Month and More!

With April showers behind us, we have May flowers to enjoy. And so many other great things to rejoice. May is the month of Mother’s Day. And we recognize our love for all mothers as their roles play the most important parts in the play of life. They deserve top billing and the pedestals we place them on. It’s for that very reason that we have dedicated this issue of The Healthy Planet to Women @ Work: women who own or manage businesses or organizations. Times have certainly changed since women mostly worked as teachers or nurses. Today they are not only the best nurses and teachers but doctors and principals, too. Many own their own businesses and run big companies and organizations. Yes, and they still find time to have a family, raise children and find some time for their mates. My mother worked and ran the household when I was a kid. She was the most loving person I have ever known. Always giving and asking little in return. Oh, she always wanted me to cut my hair. That was her one request. Well, mom, genetics and old age have helped you get your wish. At one time I was actually a “mop top.” Oh, those were the days. I wish she were still here to give me grief to cut my beard. Miss you mom!

May is also the month for Bark in the Park of which we are a co-sponsor again this year. The Humane Society of Missouri works so hard to help stray animals find a home. They continue to rescue endangered animals from puppy mills and breeders in need of help when the times get tough. If you are thinking about a dog or cat for your family, please consider the Humane Society of Missouri for an adoption of that wonderful new family member!

You will also find our Summer Camp guide inside this edition. If your child has not been to camp yet, I strongly suggest you send them off this summer. Going to camp is such a great experience for every child. I went to three camps growing up and ended up even being a counselor at one camp in Vermont. The experiences they will have and the memories they will make will last them a lifetime. Yes, they will be homesick the first night or two. But that’s okay. Nothing a few rounds of archery and exploring a cave won’t fix. They will find out more about salamanders and themselves than they could at home playing Nintendo all summer.

And a quick note to mark your calendar for the Green Homes Festival June 20 as it is moving to the Butterfly House in Faust Park for one year while the Missouri Botanical Garden puts on its Lantern Festival again.

Thanks again to Cassandra Hage and all her staff for another great Earth Day in Forest Park. So many people making a difference. St. Louis really knows how to throw a party for the planet!

The Healthy Planet magazine celebrates our 18th birthday in May — 216 issues since 1997. Whew!

In Good Health, J.B. Lester; Publisher