Kooky Creations From The Imagination Of The Gardening World

By Abby Lapides-Elliott

Kooky Creations

The imaginative minds of the gardening world have created plants that are sure to entertain us. These selections caught our attention for being fun, silly and just, well, kooky. For an amusing and tasty gardening experience you may want to try:

Is it a potato? A tomato? Its both! Ketchup N’ Fries
From the United Kingdom comes a horticultural breakthrough that has the whole garden world talking. The Brits have created a plant with a tomato on top, and a potato below ground. Ketchup N’ Fries is a grafted combination. The creators of Ketchup N’ Fries wanted more than just a novelty plant, they strived for one with delicious results and a high yield. After 15 years of work the remarkable Ketchup N’ Fries was born. You can expect:

  • An abundant harvest of 500 super sweet, ruby red cherry tomatoes. Outstanding for snacking, salads, sauces and ketchup.
  • 4.5 pounds of fresh delectable potatoes that are extremely versatile. They can be baked, boiled, mashed, roasted or cut for chips and fries.
  • Each plant has been carefully hand-grafted and expertly nurtured, guaranteeing you the highest quality plant.

Hula Berry Tastes Like Pineapple
A white strawberry with red seeds, the Hula Berry will amuse you with its delicious, sweet flavor. It produces its scrumptious, juicy berries delightfully all summer. The Hula Berry is an improved Pine-berry, which is a very old variety dating back to the 18th century. Unlike red strawberries, white strawberries cannot pollinate themselves. We’ve grown our Hula Berries in pots with 3 Hula Berries and 1 Sonata Strawberry, the pollinator, a large red fruiting variety. They can be kept in their containers or placed in the ground. Perennial.

A Mini Grape Only 20” Tall
These dwarf grapevines with amazing miniature clusters of grapes can be grown indoors or out. With Pixie Grapes, expect the perfect patio plant with miniature grape clusters for months on end. Pixie Grapes only grow 14-20” tall and 8-12” wide. The vines mature to nice, upright, full plants. Pixie’s purple sweet grapes have few seeds. A small plant that’s easy to care for with continual fruiting, this variety of grape is typically used to produce champagne and wine, or can also be enjoyed fresh, or used as a simple garnish. It has a sweet, tart flavor. Pixie Grapes are so petite, they can easily be grown on an inside windowsill.

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