Intravenous Nutrient Therapy

At The Institute of Natural Health we get a lot of questions regarding intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy. Some questions come from people who see it listed on our website and others ask because we discuss it with them as a possible treatment option. The most common questions include: What is IV nutrient therapy? What is it used for? How do you know what someone needs? And, lastly, would it benefit me? This month we would like to address these questions for those of you who may be wondering the same things.

Intravenous nutrient therapy administers vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to a patient through a vein. These nutrients are necessary for our bodies to function and food alone does not provide all the nutrients we need for optimal health. Also, people who are ill may not be able to absorb enough nutrients from food to heal. Lastly, when a healthy person comes under mental or physical stress they will need even more nutrients.

IV therapy allows nutrients to be delivered directly to your cells where they are readily available for use. When food is eaten it must travel through the gastrointestinal (GI) system where it is processed and sent to the liver. As the food passes through the GI system, nutrients are partially or fully lost. IV nutrient therapy bypasses the GI system and delivers all of the nutrients directly to the cells where they are needed. The doctors at The Institute of Natural Health use blood tests that are designed to measure your levels of specific nutrients to provide a customized formula to fit your particular needs.

The doctors at The Institute of Natural Health have extensive clinical experience in utilizing IV nutrient therapy. This experience has shown them that not only does IV nutrient therapy give a needed boost to those who are suffering from an illness or condition, it is also a powerful preventative and anti-aging therapy. IV nutrients have been used to treat a broad spectrum of people including those suffering from illnesses and diseases, to stay at home moms looking for an added boost, to elite businessmen and top-level athletes. Whether you are sick and want to be healthy, or if you are healthy and want to stay that way, IV nutrient therapy may give you the edge you are looking for.

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