With Cathy Schram

Something Natural For Pain Relief?

Q: I am a runner, therefore, I always have aches and pains, not to mention leg cramps at various times. My knees bother me the most. Do you have any suggestions for pain relief?

A: Indeed I do. First, let’s talk about why you are probably experiencing the pain. You are a runner so you are most likely overtaxing your muscles causing muscle fatigue, which leads to inflammation. Rest and recovery time are needed to reduce the inflammation. However, there is a fabulous lotion that you can apply before, during and/or after exercise. It is called Real Time Pain Relief (RTPR). It literally gives you relief in minutes! This analgesic lotion contains 19 natural ingredients, 14 of which have been tested and proven to reduce inflammation. I will go over the main ingredients and what they do for you:

Aloe Vera – Anti-inflammatory, speeds up healing. Arnica Montana – Reduces inflammation and swelling, relieves joint pain, bruising and sore muscles. Capsicum – Restores the body’s natural pain threshold, stimulates circulation, reduces Substance P.
Chondroitin – Helps body maintain fluid and flexibility in joints. Emu Oil – Natural anti-inflammatory that carries ingredients through all 7 layers of skin. Glucosamine – Anti-inflammatory that helps improve joint function (does not contain shellfish). Menthol – Natural pain reliever. MSM – Increases blood circulation, helps muscles heal, natural painkiller. Willow Bark Extract – Has similar effects as aspirin
An added bonus to this lotion is the smell! It is great – smells like peaches and apricots. Of course, you won’t go around smelling like a peach, but you won’t smell like you have used a pain lotion either.

Athletes are not the only people to benefit from RTPR. Here are some other conditions that RTPR may help: Arthritis; Plantar fasciitis; Bursitis; Carpal tunnel syndrome; Degenerative joint disease; Gout; Tendinitis; Headaches; Neuropathy.

Now I will share my own personal testimonial. I recently took a nasty fall and broke my foot. My foot was extremely swollen, not to mention black and blue immediately. My knee hurt so bad on my good leg from using the crutches. I started applying the RTPR all over my foot and knees and I couldn’t believe it! My swelling was down within 4 days and most of the bruising was gone in less than a week. My knees feel better so I can get around. I am thrilled to have this product.

It is pain season; gardening, exercising, etc. Why not use a pain lotion that you can trust and is made in the USA. I know you will love it!

This herb information is for health education purposes only. It is not intended to replace the services of licensed health practitioners. Consult with a physician for any condition that requires professional care.

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