A Word To The Wise

With Kate Schroeder, M.Ed, LPC, NCC

So…You Want To Be Happy?

According to Carl Jung, each of us are born with an innate preference for how we energize ourselves, how we take in information and learn, how we make decisions, and organize the world around us. Although we each are born with innate preferences in terms of our values, traits, strengths and challenges, our life experiences and worlds we have created will shape how freely we are able to live out of these innate preferences or how much time we live out of a non-preferred way of being.

We are also born with our own set of beliefs and needs for spirituality based upon our unique personality type. Most children are not allowed to choose their religious beliefs or practices (even those who are atheist), and are instead forced to adopt the worldview and values of their parents or family when it comes to religion and spirituality. For some, these traditional expressions of belief align quite nicely with their own core spiritual values, and they feel quite fulfilled by these practices. For others, these traditional practices do not align with their core beliefs and they spend an inordinate amount of time trying to fit their selves into a religious system of beliefs or practices that do not work for them. In many cases, this creates a lifetime of struggle and shame around not being able to be “devout” enough or pray “hard enough”. Some people even lose interest in a spiritual life altogether, because of their repeated “failure” to “get it right”.

In our material society, unfortunately, the majority of attention is given to material objects, needs, goals and considerations, with a tendency to discount the spiritual world of meaning and values. Carl Jung (the modern day organizer of psychological type) recognized that of all the adult clients that he worked with over his lifetime, there was not one whose problem at its root was not that of finding a spiritual outlook on life. He believed that they had lost their connection with “spirit” and all of them who regained this connection were able to be healed from their distress, regardless of their presenting issues.

When we reconnect with spirit, we are able to find the healing that most people are seeking when they come to therapy. It is not just about treating the depression or anxiety, eliminating the addiction or eating disorder, but rather it is about addressing the underlying issues that are reflected in these behavioral symptoms that emerge over time. When these core issues have been addressed, we no longer need the destructive behaviors to manage our emotions, and they clean themselves up on their own. And it is only in this manner that we are led to what makes us happy and whole, based upon our true sense of self.

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