Good Sound Nutrition Offers Healthy Snack Vending

Doritos, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Coca Cola are the kinds of items found in most vending machines.

Good Sound Nutrition (GSN) offers something different – All Natural, Organic Snacks and Beverages suitable for people with food allergies, dietary restriction and those striving to make better eating choices with healthy alternatives to standard vending machine fare, Good Sound Nutrition Owner Gretchen Noeth said.

With 8 years experience as a franchise owner in the food industry here in St. Louis, Noeth describes GSN Healthy Vending as a company born of passion and necessity.
She was inspired by the number of people diagnosed with celiac disease, diabetes and high blood pressure across all age groups. When we are away from home finding a vending machine full of gluten-free, allergy free, lower sugar, lower sodium, all natural, organic and just plain healthier options is hard.

Good Sound Nutrition places GSN Healthy Vending Machines in businesses, office building, schools and work-out facilities at no cost to the host. The company makes money from the snack and beverage sales.

“It doesn’t cost them anything,” Noeth said. “We put in the machine for free. We monitor it, pay the credit card fees and fill it at no charge.”

“We’re growing and we’re always looking for new locations,” she said.
The machines, which are stocked and serviced by Good Sound Nutrition, accept cash, major credit cards and are Americans with Disabilities Act compliant.

The machines, made in the USA, use a cooling system free of chlorofluorocarbon or CFO, which makes them environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.
Good Sound Nutrition offers more than 1,100 name-brand items ranging from Tea & Coffee, Juice, No Calorie Soda to chips to nutritional bars.

“Our company works with businesses and schools to customize the products sold in each machine,” Noeth said. “We set up tasting sessions to help customers decide which items are best suited for their location.”

More and more businesses are adopting wellness programs aimed at keeping their employees healthy and insurance cost down. Providing employees with healthy options in break-room vending machines is an inexpensive way for companies to augment these programs.
“It can be a struggle for folks who have to watch what they eat to find a healthy snack in a pinch, I can’t stress enough, having that option available is huge. My goal is to make it available where it’s not, Noeth said.

Contact Gretchen Noeth by email at goodsoundnutrition @gmail.com or please visit online at www.gsnhealthyvending.com to learn more.