Earthworms’ Castings

With Jean Ponzi

Letter Of Intent

My Dearest Earth:

At this time,
How can I be most useful?
How can I best serve?
My ideals are out of the closet (WOW!)
Can I work (still) ahead of the curve?

I used to be a rare voice,
Harping on Green so faintly.
I’m glad to have been a harbinger –
But that doesn’t mean I was saintly.

Heck, I’m an energy user,
Writing by lamps lit by coal
But I live pretty lightly compared to “the norm”
Celebrating “lite” modes is my goal!

I’m in this Green groove for the long haul!
I feel truly blessed to be
One who’s found her niche with Life Purpose
That makes use of the best of me.

But I feel a deep need for an update,
A refresher for my dream,
A refinement of my focus:
Better ways to steer Green to mainstream.

We need Earth-understanding,
Science interplay with arts,
And humankind needs change of mind
And opening of hearts.

There are so many wonderful young folk,
With vastly more oomph than I’ve;
They’re embracing sustainable options –
They are bringing my visions alive!

Are there ways that I can support them?
Could my experience boost
The efforts of new generations
To make human habits more spruced?

Today’s ways of getting a message
Across, or from Point A to B
Have me feeling despairingly out of the loop,
Like a dinosaur on TV.

But I know I still have some to offer!
Evolution needs champions galore.
And I’m willing to keep on learning
Stuff that humankind needs to explore!

Oh you seeds of clear direction,
Come flower in me, with this spring!
In service to you, dear Nature
I am seeking the message to bring.

Out of seven billion-plus
This tiny speck, ‘twixt dust and dust,
Is calling for the most relevant role
To play, for as long as I’m body and soul.

Beloved Earth, with all your forces
Guide me please into my best courses!
And Oh! Creator of All-That-Is
Please help me Green up human biz!

My prayer is an affirmation
For All My Relations and moi
That my efforts will useful and relevant be,
Will be healing and FUN –
Not doo-dah.

Jean Ponzi simply hosts conversations, in an antique yet still enjoyable medium (radio), Monday evenings, 7-8 pm. You are most welcome to tune in, to her show “Earthworms” on FM-88 KDHX. Or pick up a podcast anytime at www.kdhx.org/ondemand.