5 Reasons To Support Your Local Organic Farmers

By Brigitte Zettl of Crown Valley Organics

Buying local food decreases your carbon footprint and increases food security: The distance your food travels from farm to table is known as food miles. Much of the produce consumed in Missouri travels for several days on a truck before arriving. This transport releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which results in a substantial impact on climate change. By keeping your food sources within a 100 mile radius you help minimize consumption of fossil fuels, and ensure availability and access to a local food supply

Eating seasonal organic food is good for you: Planning your meals with produce that is in season will allow you to purchase top quality nutritious fruits and vegetables at a discount. It’s a much more affordable way to buy vegetables which means you can eat more! Nutritionists agree that more vegetables in the diet leads to better health. Synthetic pesticide residues found in produce have been linked with a multitude of health problems including 16 types of cancer! You can reduce your exposure to dangerous chemicals and GMOs by choosing seasonal produce that is grown using organic methods which prohibit their use.

Investing in local organic agriculture protects your environment: You can ensure that the water you drink and air you breathe stays cleaner by providing a local market for organic farmers. Conventional agriculture has many unintended negative environmental impacts. Organic farms pride themselves on diversity, sustainability and being environmentally conscientious neighbors.

Buying from local farms supports the community’s economy: This one is simple, when you spend dollars in your own community more of them STAY in your community. This helps the people and families around you to achieve success and thrive, and you along with them!

Local organic produce tastes better and is more nutritious: Consider the heirloom tomato, chosen for flavor and texture rather than yield and picked at the peak of ripeness. Once you’ve tasted it you will never even want to look at that mealy truck ripened commercial tomato again! Local produce gets from farm to table much faster which means it is crisper, fresher, and juicier. Organic plants are grown using more complex nutrients than conventional food so they are generally richer in vitamins and minerals!

CSAs are a great way to support your local farmers! You can find out more about buying a produce share at Crown Valley Organics by visiting our website www.crownvalleyorganics.com.