Sugaring: All Natural Hair Removal

By Linda Hoff

Are You Going to be the Last Woman to Try Sugaring? Did you know that the only sugaring spa in St Louis is close by in Webster Groves? Why haven’t you tried this amazingly gentle form of hair removal? Do you even know what sugaring is?

Sugaring is an all-natural hair removal process that has been around for centuries but is just now making its appearance in the states. Popular on the coasts, sugaring is absolutely the safest most natural way to remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body.

Consisting of only sugar, water and lemon juice, this gentle all-natural paste is the ideal solution for sensitive skin and those sensitive areas. With sugaring hair removal there is no double dipping, so it’s safe and hygienic. And sugar is naturally antibacterial, keeping the skin germ free. The sugar paste is warm, not hot, so you can never be burned.

Because sugar is water-based it can never tear the skin like waxing can. Sugaring removes hair the natural way it grows, which means less pain, less post irritation and less ingrown hair bumps.

While sugaring is not painless, there is significantly less discomfort than with waxing or laser hair removal. Sugaring can be performed on any body area, any skin type or color and removes all types of hair – from curly and brittle to coarse and stiff. Sugaring also removes much shorter hair than traditional waxing. Only 1/8 -1/4 inch of growth is needed for removal. Because sugaring removes hair in the natural direction of growth it is able to extract the entire root ball and sheath. This leads to thinner sparser regrowth.

While Linda specializes in bikini, Brazilian and facial hair removal, many of her clients also remove underarm and leg hair. Linda is an Alexandria Certified Sugaring Practitioner with 6 years of sugaring experience.

Are you ready to try this amazing hair removal process? What are you waiting for? Be the first one of your friends to try this amazing gentle hair removal process. New clients receive 15% off their first treatment. And 15% off for each referral. Smooth hairless skin is just a phone call away. Choose your appointment time today before all time slots are filled.

Linda is an Esthetician and the owner of Healthy Beauty Solutions located at 8780 Big Bend Blvd/Suite B in Webster Groves 314-803-0784. Email: linda@healthybeautysolutions.com.