Optima Nutrition: Turn ON Your Healthy Living…

By Elena Lazarev

Optima Nutrition is a totally tubular and radical place to indulge in your herbal supplement needs. Herbs have been around for centuries for our medicinal purposes. Until recently we have considered to retrace our ancestor’s roots of medicine. The purpose we serve is to provide organic and non-GMO products into the hands of our community with a sprinkle of gluten-free items.

There are many choices out there for which form of vitamins and mineral are actually absorbed properly by our bodies, but with our hand selected products you can be assured that every product is of optimum absorption. Our staff has experience with all of the natural remedies that your body could be deprived of.

We believe that our world might be a little too over medicated with today’s pharmaceuticals. Instead of masking the problem and treating only the symptoms, it’s better to isolate the root of the issues and prevent them from occurring again. Our bodies are able to repair themselves and sometimes just need a little boost from Gaia. Plants are living substances, they contain vital life energy. It is what differentiates living matter from synthetically derived matter. Plants are composed of the same vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids, enzymes and hormones that we are. Our body recognizes plants as nutrition. We can safely eat most of them, use them in body care products and diffuse their oils for their therapeutic benefits. By using natural ingredients you will benefit your health.

Products that we carry in our store are designed to provide support for nutrient deficiencies, detoxification, immune and cardiovascular system, digestion and sports nutrition. Also, we will take care of individuals with food allergies, special dietary requirements and environmental sensitivities by offering them Ultra Tested™ hypoallergenic supplements from the leading in the nutraceutical industry manufacturers.

Our grand opening began in February and will carry over to March with leading brands discounted up to 30% off! Visit us for an awesome healthy adventure into a new and nutritional lifestyle.

Call 636-578-5739 or visit 1345 Triad Center Dr., Saint Peters MO 63376. or visit online at www.optimanutritionstore.com.