Morpho Mania Takes Wing At Butterfly House During March

Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House March Morpho Mania

March brings a very special kind of madness to the Sophia M. Sachs Butterfly House — the annual March Morpho Mania® event! Visit during the month of March, when the Butterfly House floods the tropical conservatory with thousands of breathtaking Blue Morpho butterflies — a perennial favorite. What better way to celebrate spring?

Native to the forests of Central and South America, the Blue Morpho’s dazzling, metallic blue is all in

the eye of the beholder: their wings are not actually colored blue, but are lined with many tiny scales that only allow blue light to escape. And what a sight to behold: thousands of these creatures catching the light in our sunny conservatory.

Despite their opulence, wild Morpho peleides prefer to stay in the forest understory, feeding on fermenting fruit, tree sap, even decomposing animals—keeping their wings folded to avoid catching the eye of would-be predators. But during mating flights, Blue Morphos rise high into the canopy, attracting mates with their iridescent splendor.

Throughout the month, visitors will learn about the critical role butterflies play in nature, and how the Butterfly House is involved with butterfly conservation efforts in Costa Rica. Come inaugurate the season with these majestic creatures at the Butterfly House and immerse yourself in a sea of blue—all March long!

Don’t miss this dramatic sight while it lasts! All activities are free with admission.

Members of the Missouri Botanical Garden enjoy free admission.

For more information call (314) 577-0254 or visit www.mobot.org.