Helping Animals Release Stress And Alleviate Pain

By Maureen Keller

Researchers have found that animals can help everyone – from those with PTSD, to autistic children. These heavenly creatures help us forget our worries, and immerse us with the joy and happiness of unconditional love. However, animals experience an accumulation of stress and anxiety just as humans do, and if there is no release, these accumulations can manifest themselves as discomfort and or disease.

Animals come into our lives to fulfill a purpose, and when they become injured physically or emotionally they can become sidetracked from achieving their purpose and or goals. It is for this reason I started Tranquil Companion. I feel there is a need to release stress and pain in a non-invasive way that benefits the animal in aspects of their discomfort. At Tranquil Companion I do all I can to enable animals to self heal by opening up their energy blocks using remedies such as energy medicine, photonic, magnetic and BioMat therapies, to name a few.

Once the animal feels better, emotionally and/or physically, they feel empowered to go about the purpose they were sent for. Energy medicine should never take the place of regular veterinary care, however, the techniques and therapy I use can be implemented as a stand-alone remedy or in conjunction with a veterinary program that may already be in place. As a Healing Touch for Animals practitioner I do not diagnose, prescribe, or administer medicines for any purpose.

Maureen does distance work, as well as in home/stable appointments. For more information or to make an appointment, visit www.tranquilcompanion.com or call 618-972-8267.