Trailnet’s New Interactive Map Allows St. Louis Residents to Map Neighborhood Greenways

Trailnet and partners are excited to share the progress of Trailnet’s Neighborhood Greenways St. Louis project. In the project’s newly released video, featuring St. Louis pedestrians and bicyclists, viewers see how Neighborhood Greenways can make walking and biking a way of life in St. Louis. A new online interactive map encourages residents to plot their dream routes. Map input will be used for the next phase of the project.

Neighborhood Greenways are streets transformed to have increased safety and comfort. Design elements slow traffic and enhance streets to allow for everyone to walk and bike with ease. Studies have proven that these low-stress, family-friendly routes increase biking and walking among residents who have had lower levels of biking in the past, such as youth, seniors, women, and people of color. “I think Neighborhood Greenways are a good idea for St. Louis because it’s more accessible for people who may be afraid of biking on bigger streets,” said Katie Miller, featured bicyclist and resident.

As St. Louis begins a new year with new possibilities, Neighborhood Greenways St. Louis seeks to move the city toward becoming a world-class walking and biking city.
Neighborhood Greenways would also help create a more active St. Louis and improve the environment. By driving less, St. Louis residents can lead healthier lives and help keep the air clean. Neighborhood Greenways include rain gardens that allow water to return to the Earth, filtering it on the way, and lessening the burden on our drainage system.

In 2014, Trailnet and partners educated the community about Neighborhood Greenways through community meetings, walks, and outreach. As the project efforts continue in 2015, Trailnet and partners will have critical conversations about strategies for making Neighborhood Greenways a reality. Trailnet is one of 12 organizations to receive a Collaborative Problem-Solving grant from the EPA to continue this work.

Trailnet leads in fostering healthy, active and vibrant communities where walking, bicycling and the use of public transit are a way of life.

For more information visit www.trailnet.org or call 314.436.1324.