A Valentine’s Day Gift For Your Heart

By Dr. Rosa Kincaid, MD

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, most of us will be rushing to make that last minute purchase for that special significant other in our lives. It could be a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father, sibling or close relative or friend. Whom ever that special person might be and whether you give that special person a card, flowers, chocolates, jewelry or some other treasured present, the card most likely will say something similar to this: “A Valentine’s Day Gift From My Heart”

However, with all the Valentine’s Day activities surrounding the heart, few of us have ever thought about giving your own heart a special Valentine’s Day gift. Yes, your own heart that works tirelessly day and night pumping the lifeblood throughout your entire body, every second, every minute and every hour of the day. Even when you are sleeping your heart is still working pumping life through your body that enables you to wake up in the morning ready to meet the challenges of a brand new day. We often take this miracle for granted not giving it a second thought, coupled with the assumption that the same thing will happen tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and will continue indefinitely well into the future.

But unfortunately, for so many, that assumption will turn out to be incorrect as more and more Americans are falling victim to Coronary Heart Disease or CHD. As the medical community debates the significance of today’s contributors to CHD, it has been scientifically established that stress, poor diet, anger, emotional anxiety, marital and relationship challenges all are contributing factors in bringing about the onset of Coronary Heart Disease.

This Valentine’s Day give your heart a special gift. Come in and get a “SphygmoCor” Examination to determine what affects today’s stressful living has had on your heart. The “SphygmoCor” is a non-evasive procedure that is done right in my office, that will also enable you to detect early signs of CHD which often times can be a silent killer. The good news is that we can evaluate your results and begin to immediately put you on the Kincaid Wellness Program that will begin to reverse any conditions that would put you at risk for Coronary Heart Disease. This Valentines Day, let your chart read: “A Valentines Day Gift For my Heart” I got the “SphygmoCor” Examination.

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