Whole Body Vibration Therapy Helps Ease Pain & Improve Health

Vibration Machines

By Janie Oelke & Myriam Boter, LCLMT

According to extensive research, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has gained momentum on the health front with revolutionary ways that are improving the many health challenges people are facing today. When injured, our bodies can become stagnant and out of balance. When standing on the plate, the body moves in a rocking movement that simulates walking; nourishing all the cells in your body, increasing lymphatic drainage to get rid of waste, easy on your joints and a myriad of other benefits listed to the side. But the best part is, 10 minutes on the Vibration Plate = an hour workout. Your muscles experience continuous contractions creating a more effective workout in a shorter period of time.

Vibration Therapy is being used throughout the world and it’s proven benefits are detailed in medical journals and across the Internet. Once communism fell in Russia, the secrets of WBV made its way to Europe. Just like in Russia, other European athletes began using this form of effective exercise. Many athletes contribute their speedy recoveries and athletic improvement to WBV.

In addition, the European Space Agency and NASA are actively using vibration for combating the detrimental effect of prolonged exposure to zero gravity in space. Physicians who performed the NASA study believe that WBV holds promise not only for astronauts, but for others experiencing bone or muscle deterioration as well. Currently the WBV is being used by physical therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, clinics and spa centers to help increase the benefits that their services provide. The WBV is safe for all ages and can be used for exercise, massage or therapy.

As with anything the “proof is in the pudding.” Welcome to HealthyZone — where our mission is to be of service by providing the tools and assistance necessary to optimize your whole being. We have had the privledge of helping many clients benefit with regular use of this machine. We had one client with extremely swollen ankles that couldn’t even stand. She simply placed her feet on the plate while sitting on a chair and after 3 days she called to share her joy. The swelling had decreased 60% and her pain was much less. We are thrilled to bring your attention to a technology that we believe will be around for a long time. Our lifetime Vibe machine is high quality, designed, engineered, and built in the USA!

If you have never experienced this Whole Body Vibration, we invite you to join us for a free demonstration to decide for yourself. What do you have to lose; pain in your joints, stress, tight muscles, fatigue or discomfort in your low back.

Please contact Janie Oelke at info@healthyzone.me or call (314) 608-3236 or Myriam Boter at (314) 852-6129.