Structural Integration and Standing

By Sally & Alan Cina

One of the ways we assist our clients is getting them to be able to stand comfortably. This is useful for much of our life as we stand and talk with colleagues, and friends, or wait in line.

Part of what we do is assist our clients to create their own ease of life/living and teaching people to stand is one of the ways we do this. We accomplish this in a few ways with either our hands, mental constructs and exercises to assist our clients in keeping the changes and continuing them in their daily life.

Why is standing important? You can be relaxed and keep strains off of your body with good posture. Some of us have challenges with our necks and backs, much of this is related to how we stand. To do improve your posture start with your knees at ease. They should be straight but not locked. Then check-in where the weight is in your feet. It should be balanced front to back and side to side. With this as your starting point, practice it and see what your changes are throughout your day.

Changing the alignment of the feet is part of this process and relates to walking and running. To change the position of the feet can take time as the patterns that are holding them need to be changed slowly otherwise the body will compensate and a new pattern is created that overpowers the older. That expends a lot of extra energy.

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