Resolve To Meditate in 2015!

By Shirley Stoll

Does your list of resolutions for the New Year include reducing stress and anxiety or leading a healthier lifestyle? If so, consider adding one more resolution to your list. Learn to meditate in 2015 and help make this resolution a reality in your life!

Thousands of scientific studies have shown that meditation is beneficial for a wide range of health problems. Other benefits include better sleep, reduced blood pressure, and improved relationships. Doctors cite stress as a contributing factor to many illnesses. As stress is greatly reduced through meditation, our minds and bodies function with more effectiveness, creating health, vitality and happiness! Resolve to meditate in 2015!

Shirley Stoll is certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra to teach Primordial Sound Meditation. Contact Shirley Stoll to reserve space in a class in 2015. Discounts are available for senior citizens, full time students, and military personnel.

For information on upcoming classes call 800-796-1144 or email shirlstoll@gmail.com. Or visit www.MeditationConnect.com.