Not All Body Wraps are Created Equal

By Linda Hoff

Women have been concerned with cellulite and inch loss since the beginning of time. And, women have been using various body wrap solutions to treat these conditions forever. But did you know that not all body wraps are the same?

Cellulite is a toxic body condition caused by waste materials being trapped between cells, living a toxic lifestyle, water retention, a sluggish lymphatic system, hardening of the connective tissue and lack of circulation and lymphatic flow through cellulite prone areas. The following contribute to cellulite formation: crash dieting followed by weight gain, constipation, fatty foods, not enough water consumption, lack of exercise, alcohol/caffeine/nicotine, excess weight, increased hormonal activity, stress and drugs/medications.

The only way to address this condition is by internal detoxification, regular internal cleansing body wraps, eating cleansing foods, daily exercise and massage. In other words, following a healthy lifestyle.

Salt solutions, mineral salt wraps, seaweed wraps and liquid herbal wraps all promote toxins and water to come out through the pores. This leads to dehydration. And as soon as you hydrated the inches come back.

Clay wraps draw impurities from the skin. Again causing dehydration. Thigh creams and spot wraps all work by using a chemical to shrink cells by removing moisture from the skin and tissues. Not only do they cause dehydration, but also add harmful chemicals to the body.

The M’lis Internal Cleansing Wrap uses an herbal formulation that works inside the body by increasing circulation and flushing waste and toxins trapped in the tissues out through the lymphatic system. Created by a biochemist over 30 years ago, research shows increasing circulation and lymphatic flow creates cleansing of the tissues, healthy inch loss and diminished cellulite. These results are considered permanent (when following a healthy lifestyle) and completely safe.

For best results a series of 3-6 wraps is recommended. Once per week or for every 5-10 pounds lost if used as part of a weight loss program. The benefits of the M’lis Internal Cleansing Body Wrap include: 4-14 inch lost with each wrap, cellulite reduction, results are immediate and the treatment is warm, pampering and comfortable.

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