TOPDRESSING! Get the Key to a Beautiful Lawn This Fall

Feeding plants and your lawn a nutritious diet of compost throughout the year is the key to the best lawn on the block! Top dressing your lawn with compost in autumn is key to making it the greenest on the block come spring. Top dressing, an industry secret among ground crews at golf courses, involves the direct application of a layer of compost and/or other organic material to grass. It’s plain to see that with the help of St. Louis Composting and the Ecolawn Top Dresser, compost top dressing can become the core of your natural lawn care program.

This annual application of nutrient-rich organic material promotes healthy root structure by:

  • infusing soil with beneficial microbes and essential minerals
  • increasing soil aeration
  • improving drought resistance
  • lessening soil compaction

Top Dressing using STA-Certified Field and Turf Enhancer and the Ecolawn Top Dresser from St. Louis Composting improves soil structure. The addition of our Field and Turf Enhancer allows the soil to be more porous while furthering its water retention by up to 30% more, and the development of new roots. By applying our compost with the Ecolawn Top Dresser you will stimulate the microbial activity in the soil, which is particularly important for the health of the lawn.

Step-by-Step Guide to Top Dressing:

  • Core aerate the lawn, concentrating on the most heavily trafficked sections.
  • Apply a 1/2 inch layer of compost, using the Ecolawn Top Dresser
  • Smooth the surface using a rake or weighted drag mat to break down soil plugs & backfill holes
  • Spread grass seed, lightly rake, and water – making sure all seeds are covered with soil/compost layer to guard against winter damage
  • Water as needed, keeping the soil moist until seeds germinate

The Ecolawn Top Dresser is a multi-purpose self-propelled applicator. It’s easy-to-use design will help you carry out customized top dressing applications such as restoring your existing lawn or dressing your newly seeded areas. Using the Ecolawn Top Dresser and STA-Certified Field and Turf Enhancer is the first step you can take to create a professional, complete and ecological maintenance program for your lawn. Top dressing corrects several problems at their source and allows for healthy soil and grass. It will help to promote healthy root structure by infusing soil with beneficial microbes and minerals, increasing soil aeration, relieving compaction problems and improving drought resistance.

Top Dress is $75 to rent for a full day and $40 for half a day. Contact St. Louis Composting for additional information and to rent the Ecolawn Top Dresser today at www.stlcompost.com.