Solutions for Stress: Relieving Emotional Burdens

Dr. Amy Davis

By Amy Davis, M.D.

We experience stress in various ways. Injuries, infections, allergies, poor sleep, work, diet, toxins and then there is LIFE!

We are bombarded with stressful events throughout our lives, good and bad. Exciting events like a wedding or new baby can be stressful. Difficult experiences result in emotions like fear, sadness, grief and anger. No one goes through life “stress-free” and this results in a build-up of stored emotions. By experiencing the difficult, we appreciate the good. However, chronic stress leads to a variety of physiological changes and emotional burdens that interfere with the ability to heal.

Stress of any kind leads to:

  • Elevated cortisol levels and weight gain
  • Food cravings
  • Poor digestion and poor absorption of nutrients
  • Dysbiosis
  • Immune weakness
  • Sympathetic overdrive – chronic fight or flight
  • Sleep problems
  • Brain fog and poor concentration

Over time, these physical changes can escalate on their own, and eventually create disease.

The emotional build-up creates a burden and a feeling of being weighted down. It skews how we see the world. Under stress, we may become defensive, irritable, short tempered and prone to overreact to routine situations. Emotional burden can lead to negative self-talk, perpetuating the stress cycle.

Despite many avenues to address emotional overload – counseling, exercise, relaxation techniques, meditation, deep breathing – we still tend to get STUCK. We often don’t understand why we have such a hard time changing behavior. You can know what to do and still find yourself falling into old dysfunctional patterns, unfulfilled, overwhelmed and struggling to find peace in your life.

Why do we get stuck? EMOTIONS ARE STORED IN BODY TISSUES. Releasing those old stored emotions is a key part to regaining balance in your life. Our patients report, on average, a 40-60% reduction in emotional symptoms following each treatment. They have a sense of feeling “lighter”. Behaviors begin to change. Clarity and focus are heightened. Problems become manageable again.

Think about children who experience bullying, learning problems, inattention, are overwhelmed or pre-teens with changing hormones? Releasing the emotional burden reduces anxiety, anger, irritability, and mood swings. Children are happier and adults consistently report profound improvements in their emotional well -being from our approach.

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