Publisher’s Corner: The Squirrels Ate My Pumpkins

By the time November rolls around in St. Louis, most of the leaves are off the trees, except for a few tough oak leaves which are the last to bloom and the last to fall. I will have raked at least once by the time you read this and another sweep around the yard or two is certainly on my list. The colors were quite brilliant this year. Just the right mix of temperature and moisture created a rainbow of Fall foliage for all to enjoy. November is really a transitional time. Sort of bridge month here in the Mississippi Valley. The days really begin to shorten and the nights become as crisp as a fresh red apple. With summer behind and winter ahead, our minds and hearts are filled with memories and anticipation of what has come and what will come. There has been a bumper crop of squirrels this year and the little buggers ate big holes in my pumpkins on the porch in pursuit of the sweet gourmet seeds inside. Well,there was no need to carve them for Halloween, they already look gruesome enough. Yes, I like Autumn, but it leads to Winter and I will miss Summer’s sweet smile. November brings us Thanksgiving and we feast on tradition. Family, food and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Our grandson will be old enough this year to eat turkey, dressing and my mom’s famous green beans. Now in his 16th month, Jackson has become quite the book lover. My wife Niki sits with him and reads book after book. Some books many times over. You would think those monkeys would know by now not to jump on the bed. I suppose Winter will be a good time to cuddle up for more Jackson time. That will help us get through the doldrums. And before you think it’s just me that laments the arrival of ole man Winter, let’s see what Longfellow has to say:

“Magnificent Autumn! He comes not like a pilgrim, clad in russet weeds. He comes not like a hermit, clad in gray. But he comes like a warrior, with the stain of blood upon his brazen mail. His crimson scarf is rent…. The wind…. wafts to us the odor of forest leaves, that hang wilted on the dripping branches, or drop into the stream. Their gorgeous tints are gone, as if the autumnal rains had washed them out. Orange, yellow, and scarlet, all are changed to one melancholy russet hue…. There is a melancholy and continual roar in the tops of the tall pines…. It is the funeral anthem of the dying year. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

On a health note, I want to encourage all you readers out there to get a colonoscopy. Especially you men over 50. I finally got my first one and they found and removed a couple of polyps that could have turned into something bad down the road. So make sure you get your check-ups. Your life may depend on it!

And so the beginning of the Holiday season starts. Make sure your gifts this year are from the heart, all-natural and healthy. And don’t forget just plain fun! There are lots of ideas here in the Planet within our Natural Living Gift and Holiday Guide. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family. Create warm memories!

In Good Health, J.B. Lester; Publisher