A Word To The Wise

With Kate Schroeder, M.Ed, LPC, NCC

Going Forward In Our Life

Our soul is waiting for us to mirror back to it all its gifts and strengths. As children, we looked to our parents for this kind of mirroring, and in the absence of healthy parents or caregivers, often received inaccurate or faulty mirroring of who we really were. It is up to us now to begin this process of caring for this soul child inside, and no one knows this child better than we do or is more capable than we are for healing and caring for her. Everything we need in order to care for this child is already inside of us, all the wisdom, the truth, the answers we need to have in order to protect and champion this child, it all already exists inside of us. It is up to us to do the healing work, build a relationship with our self that lasts, and this healing journey takes time, effort and energy. The only way out is through, and if we are to attend to this soul child in the very best manner, we have to know in every moment what she needs and how she feels. This is the kind of work that never ends; in order for us to become the persons we were designed to be, we must attend to this child inside every day. This process is like taking vitamins: if we were to wait to take our vitamins until the time we begin to get sick, although they may be of some help, in most cases, we have waited too long to bolster our system – they are not generally as effective as if we would have been taking them daily all along. Such is this soul work too: it is designed to become a way of life and for those who consider it as such, they find the rewards immense and long-lasting.

Each one of us holds a self inside that can teach you not only how to best care for your soul, but also how to get from here to there, how to become what you seek to become in your life. You might experience this part of yourself as a guide, a protector, a friend. However you meet this part of your spirit, know that it is one of the most powerful resources in your healing journey. It will reveal to you a sense of being grounded and balanced, and always show you how to reconnect with your own innermost strength and solidity in your quest to feed your soul. Don’t wait until it becomes necessary to attend to your child inside- continue to connect with her on a daily basis and you will find that your life can change immeasurably.

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