What Position Does CHIROPRACTIC Play In Sports?

By Dr. Paul Hyland, D.C.

Chiropractic plays the position of “The Edge” in performance, prevention and future. Would a 10% “Edge” in performance help you make the team, get that scholarship, win that championship or recover from an injury in time for that game? Regular chiropractic care can be that “Edge”. Dan O’Brien, Olympic Gold Medal winner in the Decathlon said: “Chiropractic is essential for running. If I could put a percentage value on it, I would say that I compete 8-10% better from regular chiropractic care.”

How does chiropractic increase performance? The brain communicates to all parts of the body through the central nervous system. This is how the body knows how to move and react. It controls how quickly your body moves – in other words, how it performs. It is essential that this communication is at 100% or the body will not perform at 100%. The nerves carry this communication from the brain to all parts of the body and is housed in your spinal column. Think of it like your cell phone and good “reception” and bad. You know with your cell phone how important reception is – if there is interference – the communication is dropped – you can’t hear what the caller is saying. When there is nerve interference – the communication gets dropped. The body parts and organs can’t “hear” what to do so they do not respond like they would if there was 100% communication.

Prevention and faster healing is part 2 in gaining the “Edge”. Sean Atkins, PhD Exercise Physiologist states, “I would estimate that at least 90% of world class athletes use chiropractic on a regular basis to PREVENT INJURIES and to IMPROVE their PERFORMANCE.” How important is injury prevention and faster healing? In an average year, 25 million people visit a doctor for injuries they suffer as a result of athletics. Overall, 67 billion dollars is spent each year for the treatment of athletic injuries, according to U.S. News and World Report. Sports injuries to youth now exceed the occurrence of infectious disease. No matter how great your talent and no matter how big your athletic opportunities are – they all come to a halt with injuries. Injury prevention should be one of your highest priorities!

The future is the remainder of our lives after sports. Sports are a lot of fun but they also cause a lot of stress, strain and trauma to your body joints and skeletal system. Left untreated, the accumulation of these traumas over a decade of sports activities can be brutal in later years. Because your body suffers these traumas when you are young – the probable effects are not felt for many years. It would be like a child who eats and never brushes – their teeth are fine for a while – but in later years they pay the price for the neglect.

You Will Live Longer Than Your Athletic Career!!! Allow chiropractic care to give you “The Edge” you need to succeed.

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