the Total Health Competitive Advantage

By Donna Langenbacher

Be Young Total Health is focused on a complete approach to restoring life. Our mission is in our name: to offer complete, whole-body wellness to people in search of a comprehensive alternative solution to ongoing health concerns. Be Young Total Health product line is designed to provide all natural, no preservative, whole food-based products. We are committed to using the highest quality products available, such as nutritionals with a high ORAC value and EOBBD guaranteed essential oils. These high-value products benefit your entire body, strengthen immunity, and build energy/strength where you want it most and with more potency than you can find elsewhere.

Most companies take a narrower approach, focusing on a single product. At Be Young, we know that our clientele are diverse and need a diversity of options. We have developed high-quality health and beauty products and super potent nutritional support products that will make anyone feel stronger, safer, and more revitalized.

  • Attack free radicals with the super dose of anti-oxidants and phytonutrients found in every serving of Be Young’s signature antioxidant drink, Masaji.
  • Restore your cellular health with targeted nutritional support from our Be Body Smart line of high-potency nutritional supplements and meal replacement shakes.
  • Defend your organs and immune system with time-tested, EOBBD guaranteed cleanses speci cally formulated by Be Young.
  • Protect yourself from the harmful ingredients in store-bought health and beauty products by introducing the all-natural Enoscents line into your daily care.
  • Support your total health by introducing Be Young extensive catalogue of products, featuring essential oils and blends speci cally formulated to address your individual wellness concerns.

Be Young Total Health is a great way to introduce friends and family to the quality and commitment that our company is all about. With one-click shipping and easy to understand packages, anyone can start taking advantage of the superior products our Sharing Partner’s are so excited to share.

Through the Be Young Total Health program you will be delivered a 30-day supply of high quality and all-natural products specifically targeted to meet your health goals. There’s no need to leave your home, formulate your own vitamin regimen, purchase expensive juicers, or read the ingredients lists on common brand name products. Be Young has done the research for you. You will be nourished, revitalized and protected with every delivery. And because our products have such high concentrations of key ingredients, you will find yourself saving more than time, you’ll save money too!

If you are looking for relief from pain, if you want increased energy and immunity, if you feel your healthy diet could benefit from a targeted nutritional approach, if you would like to feel the full benefits of high quality and all natural products, Be Young Total Health is designed for you.

Start your wellness journey today by contacting Donna Langenbacher, independent rep at 314-420-0564. There is a conference/training at the Hilton Garden Inn, Chesterfield, Sat., Oct. 4. Reservations required. Call or text Donna at 314-420-0564.