Nature Wisdom

With Pat Tuholske, Naturalist

The Wisdom of Stillness

As daylight grows shorter, squirrels bury nuts, geese wing south, ladybugs swarm, and auburn leaves descend. The shift of the season is upon us. Amid the scurry of activity I seek stillness and solitude like the lone acorn gracing the Ozark forest floor.

Embracing serenity and simple things, I have truly become the crone in her woodland cottage spending the day with her plants and animals. My new quieter self has brought a kind of wisdom that is lost in this modern busy world. I am un-doing my formerly hectic life. Stillness has become part of my story, my healing, my way of life. I move through the day embraced by the elements and guided by creative aspirations. I seek the quiet contemplation of gathering goldenrod, wild grasses and pinecones. I savor the tranquil single-mindedness of weaving a wreath. My actions are concise and effective and inspired.

I would still be highly active if not for the gift of West Nile Virus. It teaches me the wisdom in stillness. I have minimized, slowed down, become efficient in my activities and commitments. I am conscious of the true power behind each choice I make. No more multi-

tasking or juggling all my skills. Any stress or overexertion has significant impact on my injured brain. My sanctuary is void of commotion or agitation. As my brain strives to heal, stillness is now my path. I avoid over-stimulation of city sounds and sights, steer clear of chaos, and keep things uncomplicated and minimal. My brain needs peace and quiet, and nothing but.

I have found a deeper fellowship in the rocks, the trees, the waters, the stars. All of nature supports me in my quest for tranquil healing. I feel it in the blessing of sunrise, the rippling wave, and the glory of the woodlands. Staying connected to my nature self, I now live from the inside out. As I tap into the deep well of inner-wisdom, my life becomes a moving meditation.

The essence of autumn is the power that comes from knowing yourself. Within its quiet moments I seek the wisdom within stillness. In stillness I acknowledge strengths and weaknesses, growth and experiences. In stillness I have found peace. Not in manic clutter or over achieving or frantic doing… I am still. I am a human simply being.

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